06/01/2014 Continuum Motion Pictures  Deal for Greater Distribution

Continuum Motion Pictures features and shorts will soon be going out on eOne platforms thanks to a deal through MCTV.  Currently 24 features and 4 collections of short films (19 in total) are scheduled to be released on such platforms as Amazon Prime, Xbox, Playstation, Google play, iTunes, DVD and more. The first six of these films will be Gore Quebec (currently scheduled for a DVD release in October 2014) S.I.N. Theory, Weaverfish, Through the Lens, Any Minute Now and Through the Looking Glass. Four of these films are from the UK and the other two are from Canada.  Additional films will include the Australian comedy Ad Nauseam, Finnish comedy Christian Dreadful, Australian ghost drama Johnny Ghost, and  the internationally acclaimed zombie short Town Red from the USA.

The compilations will be called Continuum Motion Pictures Presents