07/13/2013 The Jim Lujan Animation Collection Comes to Continuum Motion Pictures as MasterFreak Theatre

Continuum Motion Pictures lands the Jim Lujan animation collection for television and the creation of a new animated series MasterFreak Theatre. Jim's work has been shown around the world in festivals and television. Continuum is excited as Supa Pirate Booty Hunt creator and Continuum Exec. Producer Steve Sievers will be assisting in developing the show for a greater audience. The show will air this fall on Matriarch TV and Punch TV on Dish and DirecTv. 

From imdb: 


Indie animator and filmmaker Jim Lujan puts out his own animated film shorts playing festivals and online doing the voices, music, and artwork for each film himself. Jim has over 40 films created and released (many on DVD. He has been featured in Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted fest and has showcased in several of his own animation fests (Stinkin' Badges, Ghettomation fest, Animation Getdown). Jim's fans include animation legend Bill Plympton, comic book artist Jim Mahfood, and actress Sean Young.