5/1/2017 Titles Now Available on Multiple Roku Platforms

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Continuum, in partnership with R Squared Films, now offers its films on the following Roku platforms: 24 Hour Movie Channel, Free Flix Tonight, Free Grindhouse Flix Tonight, and Free Movie Channel. The following films are available on those platforms on a rotating basis: Midget Zombie Takeover, The Worst Movie Ever!!! A Man Called Nereus, Ares 11, Broken Dolls, POV, Spook, Through the Lens, Weaverfish, The Grasslands, Spin, Supa Pirate Booty Hunt: The Documentary, Matt Mercury, Survivors, Better Than Crazy, Dead Enders, Ad Nauseam, Black Site, Johnny Ghost, 13 Score, S.I.N. Theory, Through the Looking Glass, Any Minute Now, Travis Jenkins, Gore, Quebec, Christian Dreadful, Ghost Walk: The Farm, Hawk(e): The Movie, The Noogies, For the Title, Southern DysComfort, The Graduates, Blood Friday, At Home, Jealous, Hollywood and Vine, Match, Silver Cell, No Strings Attached, Big Ball’n, The Black Earth, Harvest Moon, Convict, Beast, Eat Me, Town Red, Ten Cents Short, The Plotter, Legend of the Green Mister, Geomusic, The MehmeFemi’s, Good People, Wrestling Days, Taught in Cold Blood.