Cider Springs Slaughter


In the 1980s, a masked serial killer terrorized the small town of Cider Springs, murdering his victims with an iron wrecker bar. And then one day, the murderer disappeared, leaving behind a lasting legacy on the town… Twenty-five years later, a group of high school friends find a mysterious mask hidden inside the desk of one of their teachers, leading them to believe he was somehow involved with the original murders. When their fellow students begin to turn up dead, the students fear that the masked killer has returned, or perhaps worse, someone new has risen to take up the mantle of the Cider Springs killer


Directed by Jason Durdon
Written by Taylor McPartland and Danny Torres
Produced by Danny Torres, Jason Durdon and Austin Anderson

Starring Wes Scarpias, Chelese Belmont, Mike Boyer, Jazz Raycole, William Romeo, Devon Stewart. Elizabeth Saydah