Mano A Mano

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In the dark the night, a group of undocumented immigrants cross into the United States, unnoticed by the Border Patrol. Their journey, however, takes a dangerous turn when gunshots ring out and bodies begin to drop. Three survivors named Jose, Felix, and Chuy make it to dawn, but as the sun begins to beat down on them-- Felix is suddenly shot and killed. Jose and Chuy discover they are being followed by two vigilante minutemen in their pick-up truck who murder anyone that crosses the border. Jose and Chuy must now decide whether to run or fight. And even if they survive, they must still find a way across the long, hot desert in search of a better life.

Presented in Spanish with English subtitles

Director: Matthew Dyer & Danny Torres
Written by: Matthew Dyer

Produced by Danny Torres, Jason Durdon, Austin Anderson
Executive Produced by: James Duval, Cassandra Cooper, Mesindo Pompa, Michael Sagat, Facé, Kirk D. Anderson, Arturo Sanchez

Cast: Luis Villifranca, Mesindo Pompa, James Duval, Austin Anderson, Omar Santiago, Carlos Luis Orrala, P. David Miller, and Janelle Froehlich

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