Incarcerated for most of his life, Rabbit is finally paroled and quickly turns to the only means of survival he knows-- crime. After robbing a convenient store, he avoids the police by breaking into a nearby suburban home, which belongs to the family of a young man named Geordy. Alone for the week while his parents are on vacation, Geordy feels conflicted about following his dream to go to college or listen to his parents and serve his Mormon Mission. Rabbit takes Geordy hostage and over the course of three days, the two are driven to the edge as they realize they're not as different as they seem.

Recommended for audiences 17 or older

Directed by Austin Anderson
Written by Austin Anderson & Tyler Ross
Produced by Danny Torres, Austin Anderson and Jason Durdon
Starring Richard Scott, Wes Scarpias, Kerr Seth Lordygan, Kenan Alsarabi

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