Drinking Games


The semester is over and Snow’mageddon, the annual super-party, is about to begin and nothing - not drinking, drugs or sex -  is out of the question. Richard (Blake Merman), who misdealing with a suicidal girlfriend and his father’s recent heart attack, has no plans to join in. But when his roommate and life-long friend Shawn (Nick Vergara) is coaxed into turning the room into a party central by the womanizing  party-animal, Noopie (Rob Bradford), the night quickly spirals out of control.

shawn locks Richard out of the room, and soon events take a dark turn as Noopie begins playing games with the other guest: starting fights, manipulating friendships… even going so far as targeting Richard’s girlfriend and preying on her suicidal thoughts.


Director: Ryan Gielen

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Coming to DVD 7/25/2017
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