For The Title

For the title VOD Poster

Two small Ultimate Frisbee teams climb the ladder to the big tournament in this screwball "mockumentary". The Wolverines' captain is Ron Walters (Brian McKenney), a real-estate agent with a passion for the sport. Their lineup includes a computer "enthusiast" who lives in his parents' basement, a burned-put college rock-and-roller, and a spelling bee champion who joined the team by mistake. The Venus Flytraps are led by the demanding Kelsey McDougall (Kate Landry), who isn't sure if her team can match up to her ideals. On her team we'll meet, among others, a good ol' boy from Louisiana and a math teacher with a family history in Ultimate Frisbee. Both teams struggle through grueling practices and must overcome the difficulties they encounter, but in the end, only one team can go home with the coveted title.


Written and directed by Josh Long

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