Hawk(e): The Movie

Hawk(e) The Movie Poster (1140x1600)

Mike Hawk is an idiot. Only, he might also be the next great film auteur. Mike is writing, directing, and producing his latest movie, a rom-com called “Get Becky Laid.” He’s even starring in the lead role of “Mike Hawke” (which he named after himself). The set quickly devolves into chaos with Mike leading the three-ring circus, complete with desperate actresses, daily script changes, police arrests, star-eyed assistants, crew mutinies, and mental patients roaming the set. Along for the ride is documentarian and film fanatic Philip K. Longfellow, who treats us to a front row seat to the insanity that is a Mike Hawk movie.


Directed by Tom Turner & Phil Baker
Written By Phil Baker and Paul Gentle
Starring Phil Baker, Martin Ross, Chelsea-Marie Gall, Darren Lake

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