Hollywood and Vine

Hollywood and Vine follows a night in the life of five aspiring actors living in Hollywood, California. This raw, improvisation-based movie shows a stylized world full of actors and wannabes desperate to catch their break - and yet all have a deeply dysfunctional side that reveals itself through the evening. Randal Pistol is a pompous sex-addict. Wendy Hayworth is a virgin living in the shadow of her deceased mother. Chad Lewis is a reality TV star with a chip on his shoulder. Sheila Houston suffers from alcohol-induced schizophrenia. Cristina Rosenberg is a true thespian, but she is a socially awkward and may have the biggest secret yet... All these colorful characters come together at a mansion party in the Hollywood Hills, only to go home and reveal what truly haunts them.


Directed by Eric Minh Swenson
Starring: Brandon Burkhart, Tamlin Hall, Brandelynn Turner, Ambur Lowenthal, and Tenaya Cleveland

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