Grasslands, The

The Grasslands Poster

When they burned Lonigan alive, it was supposed to be the end of the feuds.But soon afterwards, Ciro (Chris Raffaele) begins to see fractures in the once tight crew of Bronx mobsters. A botched heist and a rigorous police investigation of the murder have Matty (Chuck Zito), the crew’s fiery and murderous boss, on the edge. Then, with tension inside the group near the breaking point, Ciro hears whispers of a devastating rumor: that someone amongst the crew murdered his father. 


Writer/ Director:  Chris Raffaele
Starring: Chuck Zito (Carlito’s Way, Requim for a Dream), Peter Greene (The Mask, Pulp Fiction), James Madio (Jersey Boys, Band of Brothers), Arthur J. Nascarella (Law&Order: SVU, The Sopranos), and Louis Vanaria (Boardwalk Empire).

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